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    About Project

      Clipart in the modern sense is an element of design. It can be as a set of pictures of the same theme, and a separate image. For those who chose graphic design as their activity, cliparts are not unavoidable. It will be necessary for common people if they want to surprise their friends and relatives with unusual photos. For example, to draw a football by hand, creating a sports collage, is much more difficult than to find and download an already existing clipart on the relevant topic from a website.
      There are two types of clipart: vector clipart and raster clipart.
      Vector clipart is more often used by professional designers when creating advertising signs, printing products and other things that attract the attention of potential customers. But even those users, who can use graphic editors, can download vector clipart and create a real masterpiece without any difficulty.
      Raster clipart is more common among users, but at the same time, not every image can fit you. This is due to the fact that the vector clipart does not even appear in powerful computers, and it's impossible to say about the raster clip art. It needs come up to cliparts wisely, because such images can "weigh" a lot, which means they take up a lot of space on the hard drive, and with high-quality images it's much harder to work if you have an old computer. This is due to the fact that raster cliparts often have high-resolution, which is clearly redundant for home use. Although today two and four processor computers solve this problem to naught.
      Raster cliparts are best suited for creating web page designs. Because vector cliparts have a small weight, they can be used to create flash-animation. There are many ready-made sets of cliparts for web designers in the global network, both for graphic designers and for ordinary users. They are divided by specific topic and allow you to create new products, thus saving your time.
      Properly selected cliparts is the guarantee that the idea of the customer that is realized by the designer will be done accurately, and the picture will look professional. Clipart has long been live, but we often do not pay attention to them, and after all, we see them on our bags, T-shirts, street ads; we see just the cliparts purchased on the disc or downloaded from the Internet.